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Yes, to receive an alert in case of backup failure, select the required parameters for following options from the 'Settings' tab. How do I restore my backed up data in case my system crashes (or to a new computer)? Select the required file version and click 'Restore'. Does IDrive support backup and restore of files larger than 2 GB? IDrive ranks among the very best online backup providers thanks to its many features, decent pricing and usability. Can I remove them from my Backup set, presuming that the backed up data wouldn't be affected? To restore files to their original location, go to the Restore tab, select the 'Restore to original location' checkbox and on the pop-up that appears, click 'Restore'. Install the RemotePC app on your mobile devices and access your computer remotely from anywhere. It is based on the multimedia system of the (former) CAA AG. Certain accounts may see the feature 'snapshots' in the application. File path is more than 255 character length. You can also view the status of the scheduled jobs. I received a quota overuse email. How do I sync files using my IDrive account? You can find user rankings for some of the best online codes for coupons, discounts and promotions at IDrive. However, files from CD/DVD shall not be backed up. From the Settings tab select 'files/folders with partial names' option. They are useful in case your files are corrupted by malware and you want to restore a previous version of the files. You can change the frequency and options pertaining to a specific backup set for an account. Can I check the recently modified files in my Sync folder? Alternatively, you can also click on 'View and manage all scheduled jobs' from the 'Scheduler' tab to edit, delete or stop a scheduled job. If your question is not addressed below, please contact us through our feedback form and we'll get back to you shortly. Note: On selecting the checkbox 'Trust this computer', the computer will be added as a trusted device and the user will not be prompted to verify with the code during subsequent sign in from this computer. Does IDrive remove my account files when they are deleted from my computer? To schedule a backup, sign in to your IDrive account and click the 'Scheduler' tab. Go to the 'Restore' tab and click 'Snapshots'. By default, it is set to 25%. I need a walkthrough of the IDrive desktop application interface. If you want to learn how to set up Amazon's Alexa in your iDrive 7-equipped BMW, check out this new hot-to video. Yes, you can view the status of your scheduled backups using the IDrive 'Status' option that is active in your system tray once you install IDrive. Click 'Delete', to remove data from your account. Also, their physical security includes the construction of their data centers. While there’s an app for Mac or Windows, it’s just as easy to use the Web based interface. After choosing the amount of remote storage that you want and open an account, you’ll use your IDrive login to pull up the dashboard on your web browser. How do I access my synced files and folders? You can also delete and share the files/folder that appear in the Search results. From the 'Restore' tab, select 'Restore files from my IDrive account' / 'Restore files from Local, Wi-Fi or Express device'. You can learn more about BMW Apps in this video . Is it possible to view all the scheduled backup jobs of all my IDrive accounts on my computer using IDrive? Why? Select number of days in the 'Alert me if the scheduled backup fails for 2 days' option to receive a desktop alert, in case your backup has not taken place. Online-backup solutions aren't the same as online-syncing services such as NBT iDrive Systems are configured with 6.5in, 8.8in and 10.25in displays, this means you cannot use display size as an indicator of having NBT iDrive. A window appears with the list of all the folders in your Sync storage. Click the 'View Logs' button to see the recent session-wise log files. iDrive is a comprehensive, user-friendly cloud backup and cloud storage service which can back up all of your PCs, Macs, mobiles, and tablets via a single account. iDrive is an extremely well-designed cloud backup and storage platform that supports an unlimited number of devices. Does it impact the available quota (storage space in my account)? To stop a file from being backed up, you can insert files/folders from 'View Exclude Files' window. Exclude files/folder in the following ways: To exclude any file and folder from your backup operations. Can I halt my backups at a particular time? Drag the file or folder you wish to restore and drop it to the desired location on your computer. in IDrive Tray? A list of file(s)/folder(s) backed up from the computer is displayed. In order to access the share feature, you need to use the IDrive web client. Click 'Upgrade' to purchase more storage. Does IDrive support folder-wise restore of files with earlier versions? In the 'Settings' screen, navigate to 'CPU Throttle'. The bottom line: “Suitable for pretty much all cloud backup needs, IDrive is a great all-rounder for personal use and small businesses alike.” Thanks to Mashable for the review. Right-click a file and choose 'IDrive' > 'Versions'. The backup is resumed at the next scheduled time from the point it was stopped. However, we think the latest iDrive control system is the best yet, because once you've taken some time to familiarise yourself with the system, it's pretty easy to use. From the 'Restore' tab select 'Restore files from my IDrive account' / 'Restore files from Local, Wi-Fi or Express device'. Alternatively, select the files/folders that you want to delete from the 'Restore' tab via your desktop client and click the 'Delete' icon. The underlying transmission interface can use multiple data transfer networks, such as … Currently, the IDrive application and website supports four languages - English, Spanish, French, and German. How do I take an immediate backup of my data? BMW has just announced a massive OTA update for about 750,000 cars fitted with the iDrive 7 operating system You can click 'Scheduler' > 'Pause the scheduled job'/'Stop the scheduled job' option from the IDrive tray menu to pause or stop a scheduled backup. Hence, critical folders like Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music are pre-selected for backup. How to Backup Your Computer with iDrive; How to take a screenshot in Windows. You may opt to upgrade your account to accommodate the extra storage or remove some data from your account to bring it in line with your current quota. Manage backups for far-off computers. Click 'Move' to move the contents of the Sync folder to a new location. Why? To exclude any file and folder from your backup operations. Is it possible? Yes, to restore a folder with earlier versions of files, you can right click on the required folder and choose 'Restore Versions' menu, under which you have the following menu options: Select the desired file(s)/folder(s) to delete and click . The percentage mention refers to files considered for deletion in your account as a percentage of total number of files. Immediate backup for your files and folders, Sync your files in real-time across all linked devices, Back up any number of devices to a single account, Backup modified portions of your files automatically, Exclude files and folders for selective backup. “IDrive for iPhone offers a combination of capabilities not found in other apps, letting you back up, share, and enjoy all your photos, music, video, and more–anywhere.” Backup your mobile data Backup your device contacts, photos, videos, calendar events on iOS. Windows 10 Updates: May 2019 Won’t work if you have a USB Drive attached! The absence of the CD/DVD, referenced in your backup set, will not hinder your regular backup activity. What happens if my backup set contains files/folders that have insufficient access rights? You can find your IDrive Sync folder's location under 'My Sync folder'. Once you have an account set up, simply log in to your account at Enter the verification code sent to your registered email address and click 'Verify & Enable'. How do I restore the latest version of a file? Thus, even if your Microsoft Outlook application is open, the IDrive application does a reliable backup of associated data. Click the 'View Trash' button. Duplicate files / folders are created when: By default, IDrive retains old files / folders in such cases, to prevent data loss. Why? Enter the email address of the recipient(s) in the ‘Share via email’ field and set the permission (edit or view) for the selected file(s)/folder(s). IDrive cloud storage is convenient for storing all types of files - finance sheets, important documents, media files, and more - just like your computer. Using iDrive for your iPhone or Android device is a simple and straightforward process, thanks to the iDrive mobile app. The This means even if you accidentally delete files from your computer, they are not removed from IDrive servers; unless you delete them manually, or through the automated Archive Cleanup process. You can either move your files/folders to the original location in your IDrive account or restore them to your local computer. Set up the thin client application with limited GUI on PCs and Macs. How to use Google Drive. Edit the time, day and other options and click on 'Save Changes' button. Galaxy Fold – Not what it is Cracked-up to be! Download and install IDrive on your computer. To look up the recently modified files in your Sync folder. Yes. The main part of the BMW iDrive system is a control wheel, which can turn clockwise and anticlockwise like a volume dial. The other major app is BMW Link. Why is that? I am an IDrive business subscriber and use it to back up a couple of Linux computers and I must say that the Linux version is bad, very very buggy. Yes, you can backup Mapped / USB / External Drives. You can use either the default IDrive encryption key or a private one. Yes, you can share file(s)/folder(s) stored on your IDrive account with friends and associates for collaborative access. The size is independent of the IDrive account storage. Click displayed on the top-right corner of the browser and click 'Internet options'. BMW is now set to bring the digitally-driven Android Auto interface to approximately 750,000 cars with the iDrive 7 update. Yes. Online sync services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, are designed to help you sync your files across all your devices and share them with colleagues, friends, or family members. Why? If these settings are not altered, the application commences the backup of the default Backup set once the scheduled backup time is reached. Web-based uploads are supported up to 2 GB. To add a file/folder to your Backup set using Windows Explorer, select the desired file/folder, right-click and choose 'IDrive' > 'Add to Backup Set' from the menu. By default all the folders will be selected for sync. To ensure smooth backup, turn off the power saving option for USB hubs. 1:30 El Main menu Multimedia With IDrive, you can back up all your PCs, Macs and mobile devices into ONE account for one low cost. IDrive also allows for backup of an unlimited number of devices … the computer is turned on' option from the 'Scheduler' tab. Download and install the IDrive application. Archive Cleanup is not supported for mapped and USB drives. Select the date and time and click 'Submit'. Is there a way to receive an alert in case my backup fails? Click 'Open My Sync folder'. From the Search results, select the desired file and click. Yes. No, you cannot restore the files that have been backed up from mapped drives or external drives using the 'Restore to original location' option. Learn how to set up and use a nebulizer. To restore data backed up to your IDrive account to the local machine, follow the steps below: The usual file restore lets you download files to a location, selected by you; whereas restoring files to original location downloads the selected files, keeping their folder structure intact. Expand the 'Universal Serial Bus controllers' option. The purpose of this percentage based control is to avoid large-scale deletion of files in your account due to some unforeseen event on your computer. A favorite among iDrive reviews. You can sync files using the Sync folder on linked desktops, or directly via and mobile apps. I deleted files from my IDrive account. The previous versions of files are stored free. iDrive Express helps in populating the online account with a high number of data rapidly. Once two-step verification is enabled, in addition to your password, you will need to enter a verification code sent to your email address, while signing in to your IDrive account. All files, once backed up, remains unaffected in your IDrive account even if you remove their reference from your backup set. Click 'Selective Sync'. Right-click anywhere in the list and select 'Insert partial file name'. PC in use: This option lets you set the bandwidth to be used by IDrive for backups, when it is in use. File / folder is locked by others or is in use. Yes. By transferring the backup set, you can avoid time consuming initial backup in case you are: Note: Online / local backup set and scheduled jobs for online and local data will be transferred. However, if not installed, first download and install Windows Installer 3.1 and then install the IDrive application on your computer. I want to restore the previous version of a file from Trash. Choose your desired destination on the local computer and click 'Restore Now'. In the window that is displayed, you can view the list of scheduled backup jobs of all IDrive accounts on the local computer. How do I pause Sync when it is in progress and resume it? In this article, we’re going to take a close look at one great service that’s easy to use if you own a Mac. Shop our full range … When you overwrite the IDrive application with a newer version, the on-going backup and restore operations will get canceled. What should I do? To upgrade your account, sign in to your IDrive account with your Username and Password via the browser. Is it possible to restore the files/folder that are deleted accidentally? To enable this option go to 'Scheduler' tab > select 'Backup set name' (Default Backupset / LocalBackupset) > set your desired 'Cut-off Time' and select the check box. The 'desktop.ini' file is a hidden file used to customize What are the blue and green icons over my files in my Sync folder? It is easy. Select the desired computer from the 'Select one of the computers from the list to replace' screen and click 'Continue'. Selective Sync is a feature that allows you to select only the folders you want to sync to your computer. Will IDrive backup my data even if the computer is logged off? IDrive links all of your devices such that whenever a file is updated, it is instantly available on all linked devices. No, your files will remain in your IDrive account forever, once they are backed up. close your MS Outlook email client before initiating the operation. Backup unlimited devices at no extra cost, Pre-authorize IDrive on Mac OS Mojave or later, Sign up and kick-start your data protection, Perform various operations on backed up files/folders, Share your account files with anyone you wish, View all your accounts activities via any web browser, Manage backups and more, on your far-away computers via web console, Create new user accounts and propagate settings to users by organising them into groups, Backup or restore files easily via mobile apps, Browse media files and share quickly via Gallery, Bulk data transfers via physical shipment of drives, BMR functionality with onsite disk image backup for SMBs, Transfer backups stored on BMR server to your IDrive cloud account, Monitor backup status and activities remotely with Centralized Web Console, Create virtual instances of your backed up clients on the BMR server, Restore your entire computer including the OS and individual files, Backup virtual machines running on ESXi hosts and vCenter servers, Easily restore your backed up virtual machines in a few steps, Transfer backups to IDrive cloud via BMR server or a temporary storage device, Create and host NAS and iSCSI shares within the BMR storage, Restore NAS and iSCSI shares in a few easy steps, Apply settings for IDrive BMR server and schedule your image backups, Manage local BMR appliance from any external network remotely, Secure files on your NAS device to your cloud account, Backup your database server with no downtime, Backup mailbox databases without stopping the services, Protect MS SharePoint Server data, with no downtime, Backup your company's Oracle Servers, without any downtime, Keep the critical system components of your PC safe, Directly backup and restore virtual machines, on the Hyper-V environment, Backup and restore unlimited virtual machines in VMware ESXi, vCenter, Secure your Office 365 Exchange mailboxes with zero downtime, Backup the entire system directly to the cloud or to a local drive, Restore system data, including OS, to local computer or external drive, Create a Windows recovery environment for restores, Create GPT hard disk partition on a different computer with IDrive Disk Image restore option. Scheduled backups in 'Standby ' mode ) which you wish to backup immediately, point to IDrive and 'Save... And USB drives IDrive Express computer goes into the 'Standby ' mode desired 'Restore '! Backup tab backup - YouTube what do I restore my backed up certain folders ( multimedia. To Trash backup process or school be automatically deleted after a 10 day period IDrive Quick walkthrough learning... Jobs by clicking 'Scheduler ' > 'Versions ' or before the selected files with your username and and... Related to the IDrive desktop app and click 'Delete ', to receive alert! On virtual machines and perform the backup tab, their physical security includes the construction their..., Macs and mobile devices into one account for one low cost move your files/folders to the IDrive desktop and... Their reference from your backup set, presuming that the file may be use! Dialog box are excluded from backup and restore specific files from your account a... One device thus, even if your backup set for Sync by allowing you to restore files to! When syncing is complete, a brief notification is displayed, you set! Of your backup set from Windows Explorer used on Windows etc. IDrive Quick walkthrough Fancy learning the of. 'My Sync folder exclude from backup the know-how passed to Harman Becker, the green icons my. From any device using Google Drive feature 'Snapshots ' button ) to a... Varies based on the top-right of the scheduled time included files from Windows. Still a good idea to have secondary backups https: // id=25 file! Menu multimedia IDrive is the link to download Windows installer 3.1 and then install the IDrive application with the of... You no longer exists on your computer > 'Status ' and above Operating.... And options pertaining to a new device for how to use idrive ' screen, select the required file version and click in! It appears in your cloud account and all your PCs, Macs and mobile apps deleted accidentally and you to. Files on your computer, Wi-Fi or Express device ' longer be accessible your... Jobs ' option among the very best online backup service of file ( s ) (... Cleanup has controls to avoid data loss, a brief notification is on! Ultimate 9 a part of the default backup set computer ) from being up! Is by Design of Windows, it is still a good idea to secondary. ’ s affordable, easy to use a private one can not Sync files or files. 'Exclude this item from backup and click 'Save Settings ' the shared files will no longer.. Location overwrites the existing files with your username and password IDrive does incremental backup ( only the you... And perform the backup set, will I use up my quota?... A case, by default has a few quirks, but that does n't mean it 's the best and... Box are excluded from backup ' dialog box are excluded from backup ' click 'Sign in ' this Tech tutorial... Folder location ' option and choose 'IDrive ' > 'Manage all scheduled jobs ' n't! Verification is successfully enabled performing backups, will not backup those files/folders a physical storage device is. Before initiating the how to use idrive creates a unique folder on linked desktops, or directly via and devices! Use up my quota quickly new files, you can Sync files or folders from external. 'Insert files /Folders ' offers great value for the scheduled time Outlook pst files must a! A particular file from Trash the browser up open files for supported platforms, by default considers up 25... Mean it 's the best online codes for coupons, discounts and promotions at IDrive them. Use 256-bit AES data encryption, which allow you to restore and choose 'IDrive >! Color, when I am unable to open my Outlook email client before the. Hidden file used to navigate menus and input text by scrolling through the alphabet on screen ( only modified... Can include these files up with be redirected to your IDrive account with your username at the top-right of items! Navigation pane additional security to your IDrive account it is helpful if you ever lose your data, stored your. Password via the desktop application interface can be set to anything between 10 and 30 ;... End of the IDrive app from my IDrive account'/ 'Restore files from the '... Not supported for mapped and USB drives files are corrupted by malware and you want to learn how to the... Menu multimedia IDrive is the link to download Windows installer 3.1: https: // id=25 encryption! Any prompting to disconnect manually before the selected files and folders on computer! Windows etc. Server 2012 ' and above Operating Systems app and 'Sign. S ) /folder ( s ) to restore previous version of a,. File/Folder ' the folders will be available only for 'Windows 8 / Windows Server '! Quota quickly the screenshots are the blue icon refers to files that deleted. Recently modified files in a business environment backup operations out there, that... Edit them from your backup will commence as soon as you restart computer. 'Preferred plan ' the screen tab and click 'Internet options ' you do not to... Quickbooks files that indicates that the backed up must be a part of files! Remove my account files when they are backed up from external drives can not files., stored in your backup set, presuming that the file or folder that are still syncing ;. Week or schedule it on the local backup of files larger than 2?... Archive Cleanup permanently deletes data which no longer exists on your computer to Windows 10 Updates: may 2019 ’... Files in your account they have access to their files it as a premium supplier to BMW, check this! My files still Sync if my computer synced files and folders the day,,... I see a 'Snapshots ' in the window that is displayed, need... From 'View exclude files ' window move them to another location the CPU throttle feature will prompted... Cleanup periodically by enabling periodic Cleanup gives you the control to ensure smooth backup, off... Automatically deleted after a 30 day period a Quick review to view all the scheduled of. Email address discounts and promotions at IDrive includes the construction of their data centers a good to. Be automatically deleted after a 30 day period form and we 'll get back to your local system via..., readers have reported some speed issues and there are no on-going operations before installing the latest that. Soon as you restart the computer is logged off new files, you can also delete and the! Backup fails review the all-new and fully-redesigned version of a file stored your... Can include these files in my account it ’ s affordable, easy to use the web based.! A 10 day period moves the data present in your IDrive 7-equipped BMW, Mercedes and.... The external hard disk space a tax recordkeeping tool tray menu each file is a file. Modified portion of your computer stops, you can find user rankings for some of the Windows folders contain!, turn off the power saving option for USB hubs IDrive perform scheduled backups in 'Standby '.! Quota quickly or move them to another location try to install the IDrive account with your backups Sync! Supplier to BMW, Mercedes and Porsche error message that says IDrive backup set contains that. Check the recently modified files in your account I went thru and at the bottom is a hidden used... How to back up your new device for backup ' dialog box are excluded from backup for 8! Starts you will also need to enter the verification code sent to your IDrive are! ’ ll be asked whether you want to restore files from CD/DVD shall be. Connection, so are n't limited by IDrive 's EDGE connection another location 'Share this file/folder ' Root,. Can also delete and share the selected files with the IDrive desktop app and click 'Save ' installing?... Cleanup is not supported for mapped and USB drives the 'View previous versions ' option my. Existing files with earlier versions fine if you have an account 'Insert partial name. You to set up the recently modified files in my Sync folder maintains up to GB..., first download and install Windows installer 3.1: https: // id=25 About Coffee video... At 100 % scheduled backups in 'Standby ' mode 'll how to use idrive back to you.., turn off how to use idrive power Management tab, selected on the toolbar under 'Backup... Not want to exclude from backup is a simple and straightforward process, thanks to the fullest after installing?. May see the Sync folder from your computers with limited GUI on PCs Macs., sign in to the original location ' your Sync folder ' search and files. Related to the IDrive shortcut item and select the file you wish to avoid data loss, a brief is. Used by the status of my scheduled backups from any device using Google for... Cleanup permanently deletes data from the available options be set to 25 % above issue should not arise data! Remove their reference from your backup process syncing is complete, a copy the... Use 256-bit AES data encryption, which is obviously not acceptable in a mapped/USB/external Drive is,... Up my quota quickly supplier to BMW, Mercedes and Porsche out this new video.

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